Friday, November 26, 2010

Topic of the Day Nov. 26, 2010

Hello people. It been a minute, but like riding a bike I will never forget how to accomplish good shit. Like always I provide the topic and like a perfect verse over a perfect beat you provide the answers. All day I been think bout someone special so my topic for today is honesty. Where does the real truth lie in every great circumstance? Upon meeting I was told make your first impression your best impression. In many cases it is this first interaction where lies begin. Trust, being the factor which in most instances make or break relationships, is immediately a problem. The person observed in many first interactions is not the person which will later on be displayed. Games like these make you wonder is this the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with. As many relationships develops, so does the pros and cons. When reading a chick relationship book that just happen to be sitting on one of my favorite krystal's table, I observe that many of the tips tough women how to lie. The book spoke bout no displaying your true feelings to soon, bout making those long conversations that you enjoy short and sweet.
It is lies like these, that still shadow the truth. Who is in control of how quick you fall in love, or how much you love someone, or how soon it is and how appropriate it is to use these words. People in many cases gain some understanding of what the situation could potentially be, but because of a lack of truth, trust, and understanding don't allow this type of situation to develop.
In some cases we lie to ourselves about our own feelings for people. Me personally I develop these feeling quite easily but hold out because I fear getting used, hurt, or fucked over. So I tend to hold out and not show these feelings. Me personally I never been shy I just couldn't figure out how to express myself.
Truth in many relationships these days seem to be inexistent. Is this because peoples personal goals changed? Is it because what has been observed as the perfect family been thrown out the window. Is the is there still a blueprint to what the perfect relationship should be? Is there still truth in a body of lies? Like always people I've given you motivation, you know what to do leave a message, but most of all stay Tru, be cool, be you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Topic of the Day

Hey young world. You know how dis goes. I come up with these crazy topics and yall get the day moving with yall crazy answers. So earlier while I was chillen in the lab, a bunch of topics popped in my head but the one that directs reflects my previous few months is apologies. So my topic of the day has apologies. My question to you is why do people apologize if they don't think they are wrong? To me although you have the right intentions, the other person's feelings, at heart, an apology can only be sincere if you really mean it in your heart. I've done a lot of things in my life, but the one thing I refuse to do and my pride won't let me do is apologize if I feel that I'm right. I will say I understand your point or do something to settle the issue but I wont apologize. We often do things to keep our friends and companions happy, but under what circumstance is enough really enough? I feel if they wish to really be happy they must understand the true essence of compromise and understand that compromise is not just for one of us but it's for the both of us. But in my eyes I feel like apologizing when you don't feel your wrong is wrong but you know itzurworld leave a message

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Topic of the Day Jan.9, 2010

Yet another day begins and while I was in the laboratory, the issue that i felt was most important to be discussed was love. My grandparents would tell me every time i spoke of it "boy you don't know nothing bout that. You better stop playing with these girls feelings." We tend to tell the kids that they are too young for this and too young for that. I feel love is only understood and can be explained by the two in love. I know young marriages that failed and on the same note my grandparents got married at 17 and are still together 48 years later. Now sitting here the word is all i can think about. The question of the day arises is there any correct age to get married if love is the main ingredient? Me personally i don't care I say it's not smart but i don't know the situation. But does how i feel matter, since once again you all know itzurworld. You know what to do, leave a message.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Topic of the Day Jan 8, 2010

Whats going on young world? You know this goes. I love resolving issues but at some point I feel that being the bigger person Neva really does anything for a dis agreement but post pone it til later. The topic of today is being the bigger person. My question to you guys is what does bein the bigger person really signify? I feel in certain situations the issue of you letting things go becomes a problem. When are issues really resolved, forgiven or really let go? In a disagreement what does the bigger person represent. Me being the bigger person matters on how or where I feel me and the other persons relationship is gonna go but you know itzurworld. From here you know what to do leave a message.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Topic of the Day

Wuz goin guys. It's a new year let's start this one out strong. This topic might be one of my favorites. I hate liars but that's somethin you can't stop or prevent. The question of the day is wat is the biggest lie you have ever been told in a relationship? I've been told so many I can't pick which one's bigger but u know this one goes out to yall because u no itzurworld

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Topic of the Day Sept. 2

Todays topic of da day is friends. Fuck da bullshit I no who I am. Fake people can only pretend for so long. Now who in the world came up wit the concept of let's just be friends. It's fuckin impossible unless you are just completely turned off by someone and who wants to be seen in public wit someone ugly. Something to think about. If you never been on a date during the day it's for a reason. If you can't do anything in public like hold hands, walk beside someone without them speed walkin or slow dragging it's for a reason. You should find out. But back to the question. If you talked at all just a little bit there's feelings there a kiss is something you shared that you can't forget if it was real but think about don't mean nothing if you can get it again believe me. But this friends thang is gay. Me personally I don't have a background of staying cool wit my ex afta we broke up cause they just was in the way, and kept me from finding something real. The games n bullshit takes over the relationship and it only reminds you of why you broke up. This just friends thang has Neva been for me give me your input on things cause what's good for me might not be what's good for you, but you no itzurworld...leave a message tell me how you feel

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thought for the Week Aug. 24th-28th

quality only happens wen you care enough to do ur best